Follow the tour on Twitter – @GreensJeremy  or  visit this page.   The tour starts on 15 July and goes until 1 August.

Click on the map below to see the frack finding tour route, reports, photos and video

Tour reports:

Dish, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas

Texas to Wyoming

Pavillion, Wyoming

Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Flight over Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Meeting with New York State Senator, New York

‘Stop the Frack Attack’ rally, Washington DC

Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham will visit four US states and Washington DC in a fact finding tour of unconventional gas.  He will visit Texas, Wyoming, Pennsylvania and New York.

Accompanying Jeremy Buckingham on this trip will be Drew Hutton, President of the Lock the Gate Alliance, as well as representatives from the Southern Highlands Coal Action Group.

Both shale and coal seam gas industry has rolled out extensively in the United States.  Australia can learn lessons from the experience in the US and see what it the unconventional gas industry looks like a decade down the road.

Dallas, Texas is grappling with gas drilling in urban areas, similar to what potentially faces Sydney and Newcastle.

Wyoming has had tens of thousands of coal seam gas wells drilled, pock-marking the landscape and causing issues for ranchers and farmers.  With the gas glut and corresponding price plunge, locals are now struggling to have wells properly capped and environmental damage cleaned up as the gas companies shut down operations and walk away.

Pennsylvania and New York are at the epicentre of the shale gas boom.

Jeremy hopes to bring back to Australia a greater understanding of the consequences of coal seam gas and shale gas drilling.

For more information contact Max Phillips – 0419 444 916


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